Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 6.15.09 My daughter & I go see Jonas Bros. thanks to Ryan Seacrest & Twitter


Sometimes I have no idea why I do the things I do. Like following Ryan Seacrest on Twitter. I don’t really have a particular affinity for him but there he is on my Twitter list of people I follow. His Tweets are usually pretty cool and unlike some, not so frequent that I’ve wanted to turn him off, so there he remains.

On Thursday, I happened to log on and the most recent Tweet by those I follow was from Ryan announcing to his Z100 listeners that the Jonas Brothers were performing that night at a free show at Irving Plaza (the Filmore). Now, I am not an avid Z100 listener, nor do I consider myself a Jonas Brothers fan, but I do have an 11 year old daughter who has set up a shrine to them in her bedroom.

I think I saw this Tweet at around 4PM and within minutes I grabbed a screenshot (see above) and forwarded it to the BEST ticket broker I know – John Bretschneider over at All Shows.

John happens to be a good friend and so the fact that this was a free show and he wouldn’t make money on me didn’t stop me from asking him to check into this and make sure it wasn’t a rumor.

By 6:30 I had was at dinner with the family. I hadn’t yet told my 11 year old daughter (according to her the future Mrs. Nick Jonas) that this was in the works, so as I was feverishly checking my phone for confirmation, she became suspicious and asked me what was keeping me so distracted.

Since John is so connected, he was able verify that there was a show, that it was unadvertised until that very morning and only then to the Jonas Brothers Fan Club and get us VIP’d so we could watch from an area where we could actually see the band.

My daughter reacted like she just won the Mega Million Jackpot and we were off for a last-minute, unplanned and spontaneous mother/daughter night out. It was great. Here’s a clip (taken from youtube):

So, thanks Twitter, Ryan, John and the adorable Jonas Brothers.

This story has a bittersweet ending. My daughter left a bit miffed at Nick. He ran right by her as they exited (he was less than a foot away) and he didn’t fall down on one knee to propose. I told her that he was probably too embarressed in front of all those people, to which I got the proverbial eye-roll.

Moral of the story – Twitter works!

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