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Here’s a good one. Some bonehead (excuse the pun) placed an ad on Craigslist asking if anyone needed some “420 help”. Do any of YOU know what this even means? If I didn’t read about his arrest, I would think he’s a math tutor for the SAT’s.

Turns out that is not the case. 420 is a term used for POT – you know, the kind people smoke, not the kind you cook in. 420 alludes to the time during the day back in the ’70s when kids in a California High School would get together and smoke. Anyway, police responded to Christopher Gray’s ad and bought a bag for $45 before they busted him. I guess if criminals were really smart they would do something else for a living.

But the big Craigslist story today is that of music composer Joseph Brooks. That name may not ring a bell to you, but his most popular song might. He’s the guy who wrote “You light up my life” – a song that was at the top of the charts forever back in 1977 and for which Brooks won an Oscar. Here’s a 71 year old man who has been running ads on Craigslist (and other “talent” sites) luring young girls to his apartment with the help of his assistant.

These ads would say Brooks was looking for the next big thing, a new face, preferably aged 18-22 to make into a star. His assistant, named Shawni Lucier would screen the girls and even make travel arrangements, with the thought being that if the victim was traveling, they’d be less inclined to put up a fight because they were too exhausted. All of the assaults occured between 2005-2008 but someone from 1970 also had a claim that was deemed beyond the statute of limitations.

Once he had them, he would tell them that the project he was involved in called for them to play a prostitute. He then asked them to drink and take off their clothing and then attack.

Now Brooks is facing over 80 counts of rape, sexual assault and other charges. Lucier is scheduled to turn herself in next week, when she will face 9 counts of criminal solicitation.

Stay tuned….to get the full story from the Chicago Tribune, click here.

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