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I wanted to talk about keeping your online profile “up to snuff” as they say. I’ve done talks on this and cannot stress it enough. Are you applying for college or an internship or a new job? CLEAN UP YOUR ONLINE LIFE!!

I take it for granted that everyone knows this but the sad fact is, that our kids are not as “plugged in” as we’d like to think. Parents – take heed and pass this along.

We are all being watched, surveyed and judged and the sooner we wrap our collective arms around that, the better. I am attaching a clip of an interview I did earlier this month on the Mel Robbins show. I was asked to come on as the Expert in Social Media – pros ‘n cons. If you take a few moments to listen, you will find out that while the world is at our fingertips and we have access to unlimited information, pedulum swings both ways.

That means that you can’t lie about your age (your middle school class picture is probably on Facebook posted by someone else who tagged you), your work history etc. It also means that your prospective employer may not have the same sense of adventure or humor that you did when you bungee-jumped naked in Martha’s Vineyard. Get it?

Take a listen and learn a lesson.

This has been your Daily Bone. Mel Robbins Interview April 09

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