Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 9.23.09 Guest Blogger, Jake Schlessinger on the just-announced Microsoft Courier

Today’s installment is provided courtesy of my son, Jake. He’s into technology of all kinds and is really pumped about Microsoft’s announcement today about the Courier, which looks to be a fantastic product and one that I have been waiting for. Since I like to encourage him and I happen to be on board with where his interests lie, I invited him to be my first Guest Blogger.

Just an aside, I have to give him a plug for the video he made which has become something of a sensation with over 65,000 views on YouTube. Click here to check out CODFreek’s Top 10 Call of Duty Weapons.

If you like what you read and his insights, please leave a comment…I’ll be sure he gets it. So, without further adieu…

Microsoft announces in-development Tablet
Microsoft announces in-development Tablet

Today while going through my normal subscriptions on YouTube, I found a video from one of my favorite YouTubers, SoldierKnowsBest, who does a bunch of reviews and gives you updates on the latest and greatest in the tech-world.

photo courtesy of
photo courtesy of

Usually he favors Apple products so if he makes a video about a Microsoft product, you know it’s something to look in to. Today he posted a video about the just-announced Microsoft Courier. This is a revolution to multi-touch products. It is essentially a double tablet, which means that it has two 7-inch multi-touch screens that fold into the shape of a book. It is similar to the iPod Touch but has many more advancements to it. Although it is just a late-prototype, if it comes out to be as good as it looks, it will be the next must-have product.

Take a look at this; it’s so cool.

Expected launch date late I hear is sometime in 2010 or 11, but you know how these things go. They are calling this a “late prototype” but the video above seems like it’s just a computer-generated animation. Still, I’m psyched. Apple doesn’t really preview their products which maybe just makes them smart….this way, we are surprised and wouldn’t know if something that was “leaked” didn’t quite get off the ground.

This has been Jake Schlessinger reporting for Mutt Media.

You stay classy San Diego.

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