Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 6.8.09 How much is too much on Facebook?

facebookOver the weekend I read about a woman who was murdered back in March named Caroline Wimmer. Ms. Wimmer was unfortunately strangled with the cord of a hair dryer in her home on Staten Island. One of the EMT’s who responded to the call was a retired NYPD Detective named Mark Musarella.

Musarella, according to the accounts I’ve read, had a stellar record while serving on the NYPD, logging a few downright heroic deeds such as saving a man from a burning car and helping to rescue a mother and daughter who had fallen from a boat that had capsized (NY POST Friday, June 5, 2009).

Musarella is claiming that the posting to Facebook was accidental and that the photo inadvertantly got uploaded with several others.

The question remains, why would an Emergency Medical Technician take a photo with his cell phone while performing his duties? Why would he need or want this image for personal use? Beside being pretty macabre, I believe this is a breach of ethics. The upload to Facebook notwithstanding this is something that he should probably be disciplined for on a professional level. According the story in the Post, while the photo was on his account for only “Friends” to see (his account is set to “private”), one viewer took offense to it and called the hospital that Musarella worked for (Richmond University Hospital). The hospital fired him and he is now facing charges – he is charged with official misconduct and faces up to a year in prision.

I think about the victim of this terrible crime and the family that she leaves behind. Ravi Batra, the attorney for Wimmer’s family believes that prosecuting Musarella will, “keep society civil”.

Good luck.

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