Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 6.18.09 wonders why all the press about gender bias?

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So it seems this week there’s a lot to read about if you’re into gender “controversy”.

It must be a really slow news week when there has been so much in the press about same sex marriages and Chastity Bono’s impending sex change.

I, frankly don’t get it, but here it is. In New York this week, City Hall has revoked the marriage license it issued back in May for Hakim Nelson and Jason Stenson (ages 18 and 21, respectively). These are two men who applied for the license in person while one was dressed like a woman, fooling the city worker who took their application. Queue the applause!

There are so many things at play here  –   a city worker who is clearly sleep-walking through their job, the struggle our government seems to be having coming up with a uniform law regarding same-gender marriage and whether this marriage was ever really legal. Does the government have the right to revoke a license that was issued because of one of their workers’ incompetence? And, though it remains to be seen – will this couple sue in the aftermath?

I think the larger issue here is the incompetency of the Agency that dropped the ball on this one, but that’s not as interesting a story.

The Daily News – yes, the Daily News has run a piece this week (click here) called “Celebs Come Out”. They include Adam Lambert (American Idol), Lady Gaga, Kelly McGillis , Wanda Sykes, Clay Aiken and the list goes on. Don’t know about you but quite frankly, none of these surprised me.

I know I normally limit my posts to tech-like items, but we are Mutt Media and this topic seems to have been running rampant all week here in New York – sexuality and chronic rain. Go figure.

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