Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 6.16.09 Fade to Black – No more analog TV


This past Friday marked the first official day of the switch over from analog tv to digital. With an estimated 1 million people now left unprepared for the switch, this means they will be left without tv service.

Unless you live under a rock, I don’t see how these million have missed all of the print, television and other advertising that has gone on notifying us to the pending switch. The switch was supposed to become official back in February but was delayed. The FTC did a “soft test” just last month and found at that time that over 3 million homes were unprepared, which means those televisions would’ve gone “dark” had the change happened then.

There are a couple of ways around this. You can purchase a new TV or obtain a converter box that will switch your analog signal to digital, enabling you to receive your picture instead of “snow”.

My guess is that if you are reading this Blog, this problem will not affect you. You have a computer and you read a Blog? Then it stands to reason that you probably don’t have an analog television set. However, as a public service, here’s the link to help those who do. Pass it along to your grandmother or better yet, print out the FAQ page and hand it to her.

A footnote: The latest reports indicate that the switch went far better than planned, with only around 300,000 calls to the FCC on Saturday – a significant increase over their normal volume, but far less than expected. Many of these calls came from New York but that’s really no surprise when you consider the volume of people that live here and the amount of televisions we have.

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