Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 5.22.09 Marketing Yourself Online Tip #7: Check out the Competiton!

Another Tip from Mutt Media NY
Another Tip from Mutt Media NY

Mutt Media Tip #7

7. Check out your competition!

Go online and take a look at your competitors. Look at the functionality of their website. Look at their skill-sets and what they have to offer.

Are your skills in line with today’s job market? Never before has there been an opportunity such as we have today to actually know our competition in the job market! Use this to your advantage and acquire the skills necessary to give you that competitive edge and make yourself stand out.

Try to take your skill set to the next level and ensure that you will be able to provide a prospective employer with this added incentive to hire you over the next person, giving them more BANG! for their hiring bucks.

Have a great weekend!

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