Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 5.20.09 Top 10 Tips for Marketing Yourself Online Tip #6: Learn some new skills!

Another Tip from Mutt Media NY
Another Tip from Mutt Media NY

6. The economic downturn we are currently experiencing may just be a blessing in disguise. While it may not feel this way, this may be your opportunity to learn some new skills, which will enhance your résumé. There are new careers popping up every day as a result of the surge in internet use and it’s widespread availability. Online tutorials are readily available on YouTube and a wide variety of sites, depending upon your interests.

I like to think of this economic downturn as an agent for change. There is a Gold Rush of sorts happening in the online world even as I write this that is presenting opportunities for new careers that never existed before.

Ever wanted to publish your writing? Well, now it’s easier than ever. With a plethora of online publishing applications, the advent of self-publishing and even the simple web log (BLOG) we are all publishers of our own intellectual property. This is a great time to learn a software program, or graphic design. Hmmmm, yes, I am noticing a theme here – digital media! Well, I am assuming you’re getting a sense of my leanings and where I think the compass is pointing.

It can’t hurt to learn a few skills, and there’s no time like the present! Dig in and learn some new skills…this will absolutely expand the playing field when it comes time to create your resume.

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