Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 3.12.10 Google vs. China: who will win the censorship battle?

China vs. Goole

China is threatening to pull Google off it’s internet feed citing Google’s refusal to censor the online content available to citizens of the country.

According to the New York Post, China said, “Google would be unfriendly and irresponsible if it defies rules to censor online content”. This statement has escalated the already heated dispute between the two giants.

As recently as today, a piece appeared on, Nicole Wong (Google’s VP) stated, We are no longer willing to censor our search results in China, and we are currently reviewing our options. If the option is that we’ll shutter our .cn operation and leave the country, we are prepared to do that.”

This is one to watch. Representatives from China have gone on record stating they will give Google the boot for failure to comply.

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