Mutt Media | Daily Bone 7.16.09 NYPD spends $1M on Typewriters – how retro!

inthenewsToday’s amazement comes courtesy of the NYPD and how they continue using Brother Selectric Typewriters.

I am old enough to remember when Brother came out with these – the typewriters with the screen in front that showed you your typing before it printed – one line at a time.

Oh Brother!
Oh Brother!

I watch Law & Order religiously and I cannot believe that with all of the high-tech gadgetry available and showcased that they are still using this antiquated equipement. The reason? Some of their forms still utilize carbon paper. Edith Linn, a retired NYPD officer and professor of criminal justice at Berkely College in NYC conducted a study of 500 NYPD officers on arrest behavior. Out of these interviews came the newsflash that many cops are adverse to following up on routine arrests for minor offenses because of the outdated equipment and the amount of time it takes to construct a report.

We can link a decades old crime with the perpetrator using advanced science but we can transition from the typewriter.


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