Mutt Media | Daily Bone 6.3.09 LEET-Like Spelling Bee by Mike Luckovich

Leek-like Spelling Bee by Mike Luckovich
Leek-like Spelling Bee by Mike Luckovich

I thought this was a cute cartoon that appeared in one of my morning papers last week by Mike Luckovich.

Normally Luckovich does politically-bent cartoons (go to the link if you’d like to see more of his work) but I thought this was one worthy of a post for Mutt Media & the Daily Bone.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember my post from May 7, 2009 where I gave a brief overview of LEET (1337), the shorthand “language” that our kids are adopting in their day-to-day online communications.

This shorthand is sometimes hard to decipher and my concern is that – in a sense it is slowly edging-out our English language. My kids (daughter especially, who is, incidentally, the younger of the two) has become an expert in paring down her words into these little snippets in order to get her messages (txt, email and the like) deployed more quickly. She routinely will answer “IDK” when asked a question….this is worrisome!!

Do you know what “IDK” means? If not, then just answer “IDK” (that was a hint).

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