Mutt Media | Daily Bone 6.11.09 Tip #10 Do your homework!!

Mutt Media Tip #10

Another Tip from Mutt Media NY
Another Tip from Mutt Media NY

10. Finally, it has never been easier to research your target employer. Once you have dazzled them with your résumé, Blog and get that interview – BE PREPARED!

Aside from your physical appearance, communication skills and experience, be informed about your potential employer.

Go to your preferred search engine and look up the person who will be interviewing you! Have they been quoted in an article or press release? Are they on a networking site where you can see their work history and background? Get to know the person and the Company as best you can. Who have their Clients been? What is their philosophy?

Look at the Company Website and Blog and find out who they are. This will go a long way toward making a lasting impression and shows you’ve done your homework.

When the time comes during your interview (and it usually does) when you are asked if YOU have any questions, be prepared! Look carefully at the research you’ve done in preparation and ask an informed question – whether it be about the direction of their business or some recent changes made within the company. Just show them that you’ve kept up with your industry and specifically – with Company XYZ. This will go a really long way. Trust me.

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