Mutt Media | Daily Bone 5.28.09 Follow up to Craigslist post from 5.11.09

Talk about online marketing…just wanted to follow up my earlier post from May 11, 2009 where I discussed some questionable after-effects from connections made through the website.

As a result of lots of backlash, the powers-that-be at Craislist have decided to replace their “Erotic Services” ads with a new category title in an effort to better camouflage would-be prostitutes selling their wares. In this vein, they have doubled the price for a first-time ad from $5 to $10. At first glance the images of the women advertising appear less blatantly sexual but according to a short piece written by Andy Geller for the New York Post, State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo predicts these efforts will prove to be “half baked”.

These changes come on the heels of pending lawsuits and various violent crimes committed as a result of connections made on the service. Let’s wait and see, I say.

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