Mutt Media | Daily Bone 5.21.09 Meet Your Long-Lost Aunt Ida

Google's Logo on 5.20.09
Google's Logo on 5.20.09

We interrupt our 10 Tips series to talk for a minute about some other kind of technological miracle…fossil exhumation, identification and authentication.

I find it no less than amazing that scientists have released information about man’s oldest descendants – primates. Apparently, about 500 million years ago, primates split off into 2 branches – Lemurs and Apes. The Lemurs were not a pretty species, but Modern Man evolved from it’s cousin – the Ape.

I will spare everyone a lesson on Darwinism and commentary about evolution but I have a picture in my head of Magilla Gorilla with a Blackberry and a laptop…and I’m thinking how archaic the movie The Planet Of the Apes seems now, with absolutely no reference to cell phones or any of the technology we’ve been enjoying and developing over the last 20 years.

I smell remake!

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