Mutt Media | Daily Bone 11.16.09 Google Search reunites Father & Daughter apart for 30 years

I love technology. We are able to find so much information so easily.

Example – Dr. Scott Becker was separated from his daughter, April when she was only a few months old. April’s mom left him and took their only daughter with her.

About 10 years later, Becker created a website totally dedicated to finding his daughter Becker spent thousands of dollars and countless hours in hopes of reuniting with his long-lost daughter. Finally, just a few weeks ago, April performed a Google Search and entered the words “Scott Robert Becker looking for April” and the website popped up.

She sent her dad an email and he responded with a question that he thought she would instinctively know the answer to, “Are you a green baby?”. Having been born on St. Patrick’s day, she answered in the affirmative and after 30 years – father and daughter were reunited.

Becker’s website has since been pulled.

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