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twitterHere’s a question.

Have you ever punched in a keyword on Twitter and come up with a list of people, read through their home pages and decide to follow them? Guess what? You’re not alone. This is happening all over Twitter.

Ever get a Direct Message (DM) or public msg (@mrsjones ) from any of your Twitter followers? If you’ve spent any significant time on the site and paid any attention whatsoever, you already know that that’s how Twitter works.

Another question: Have you ever received a “personal” message from someone you’ve begun to follow that immediately thanked you for following them? How did it make you feel? For one, I am sure you were impressed by how quickly the “thank you” was delivered to your inbox and probably somewhat impressed by how the person could possibly keep on top of all of their thousands of followers and seem to thank each and every one personally.

Want to impress your followers and make a personal connection? Visit This is a great resource and it allows you to do much more than automate responses to your followers. You can use their dashboard to vet your followers, set up multiple accounts and elect to automatically follow back. This is a great resource if you seek to use Twitter to further your business.

A word of caution: do not use the automated feature to sell a product or to overtly promote yourself or your business, which very well be construed as presumptious and irritating. Simply use this as a relationship-builder and greet your new follower with a warm, friendly message (i.e., “Thanks for the follow and your interest in Mutt Media.”)

Visit Tweetlater and have a look around the site. It takes a day or so for your account to be fully set up, so have patience. If you have any questions, they have a pretty solid Help area and, refreshingly, you can email the site and you will get a really prompt reply.

Happy Holiday Weekend from the most beautiful spot in the world!


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