Happy Holidays From the Daily Bone! Here's my gift to you…How to remove FB notifications re: 3rd party apps like Mafia Wars, Farmville etc.! Enjoy!

Happy Holidays.

Here’s a true gift given in the spirit of the season….How to remove those annoying Facebook notifications that alert you every time one of your “friends” makes a move using Farmville, Mafia Wars, Yoville or one of the umpteen others.

We have all experienced the constant stream of notifications that have become part of the daily experience if you are a Facebook user. And lets face it, who isn’t using Facebook at this point?

Applications on Facebook, in my opinion, have become nothing short of noise that completely clutters my News & Live Feeds. I have eliminated having notifications sent to my phone which was a big improvement but I am finding that even when I visit the site (having mentally prepared myself for the inevitable onslaught), the updates have become intrusive and ridiculous. I have taken action and so can you.

I asked myself what kind of gift could I give my readers in the spirit of the holiday season that will adequately say a genuine “Thank you” for your comments and encouragement during my first six months. I think this fits the bill. So without further adieu, here you go.

Go into your Live Feed or your News Feed and find the notification that really annoys you most…..there are a million to choose from. Here’s a partial list:

Some Facebook Apps
Some Facebook Apps

Once you are in your Live or News Feed, let your mouse hover over one of your notifications. If you pull your mouse to the right, you will see a button that says “Hide”.

Click on it!!!

Mutt Media on how to hide annoying Facebook App notifications
Mutt Media on how to hide annoying Facebook App notifications

You will then see a pop up window dialogue box, similar to the one below. Simply click on the button that says, “Hide ______________” and voila – you are done!

Mutt Media on hiding your Facebook App notifications
Mutt Media on hiding your Facebook App notifications

Please give this a try and let me know when you’ve found Facebook bliss. No – that’s not another App, it’s a state of being.

Happy Holidays, everyone!!

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