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Mutt Media | The Daily Bone 6.22.09 Craigslist in the news…again

Mutt Media brings you a Craigslist update…..


Today, Austin Fenner of the New York Post reports on a Craigslist item that caught my eye.

A woman named Elizabeth Mosh responded to an ad she found on Craigslist posted by Tonja Fenton, a 35 year old who advertised to rent out an apartment in the basement of the two-family home in Queens where she lives. Mosh, a school teacher, gave Fenton a $1300 cash deposit for the first month’s rent and security deposit and even purchased a flat screen TV and a new bed for her new place.

When the time came for Mosh to move in, she received word from Fenton that a pipe had burst and the apartment was flooded. Oh, and another little problem – Fenton doesn’t own the building, has no right to rent the apartment and has made similar agreements with at least 6 other people, netting her almost $12,000.

Fenton has now been charged with Grand Larceny and Scheming to Defraud.

And what about Philip Markoff, who we talked about here in an earlier post (Daily Bone | 5/11/09 Does Craigslist Really Come in Peace?) about violent crimes linked with connections made on Craigslist? A grand jury has indicted him, according to Boston prosecutors.

Last night I finally got to see Clint Eastwood’s Gran Torino – a great film about a bittersweet kind of justice. I love when the bad guys get what’s coming to them but still find it deplorable that certain things go on in the world. Craigslist and Gran Torino…..