Another Tip from Mutt Media NY

Another Tip from Mutt Media NY

5. Subscribe to RSS feeds in your professional field. This will keep you on top of the latest trends, articles and expose you to contacts you didn’t have before.

This is a free service that brings the entire web to your personal computer. Instead of searching out your favorite blogs and news feeds, they will be fed directly into your Reader Account and at your fingertips when you need them. You will be surprised how many people are out there sharing ideas, bartering and feeding off of the World Wide Web of creativity.

You will find an option to subscribe to an RSS feed on virtually all Blogs that you visit. Now that I’ve brought this up, you will notice and look for them even more, right?

A short primer on RSS or, as they are often called, Web Feeds.

RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is a technology that enables web browsers to read content as text. What does this mean for the blogger? Well, that his content will be more easily picked up by search engines and easier to find by the rest of us.

How is an RSS Feed useful? Well, I’ll use myself as an example….My interests (to name a few) are online media, fashion, gardening, and movies. In the online world, lots of people are blogging, but let’s say I’ve found a few that give me great insights and information written in a style that I like. Rather than having to visit each site individually and hope they’ve posted something new, I can subscribe to their feed and whenever they provide new content, it will be delivered straight to my Reader. This way, I can, at my leisure, pop in and read without having to go on a labor-intensive search mission. You can subscribe to as many news feeds as you like; they are only limited by how much news you’d like to get. Gone are the days of bookmarking! All posts will be sent to you within moments.

Think of your News Feed as getting information delivered right to your front door (like a newspaper), only the great thing is that it only contains the news you have expressed an interest in reading! You can log into many of these from any computer so you never have to be completely out of touch, even on vacation. If this option sounds good to you, you’ll want to look for a web-based news feed. Just a few are Google Reader, News Gator and Bloglines.

There are many utilities out there to deliver your news feed right to your computor, too. Some are NetNewsWire (for Mac users), and SharpReader.

So, go forth and subscribe. You can start with Mutt Media! Just click on the tab at the top of this page that says “RSS” after you select and set up your newsreader.

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